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The water heater is one the most used appliances in your home. It provides you with the comfort of flowing hot water, and helps you run many appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. When it breaks, cracks, or stops functioning properly, you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer, we have expert plumbers that have the skills to repair and replace any brand or model of water heater. Additionally, we can provide you with regular maintenance, which will help extend the life of your water heater significantly.

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How can you tell if your water heater is in need of repair?

  • Rust - Because water heaters interact with water all day, they are prone to eventually suffer from rusting issues. Whether the rust is on the outside of the tank, or in the water itself, as soon as you see rust, be sure to give our professionals a call.
  • Smell - The last thing you want is to take a shower with foul smelling water. This could signal bacteria in the water or other mechanical failures, which can all be prevented with maintenance. Once they exist however it is important to get professional services to restore your water quality.
  • Leaks - Water leaks are a very serious issue that can cause damage to your home if left unrepaired. Leaks can spring at the bottom or top of the tank, generally wherever there is a connection to plumbing. If you notice leaking water around your water heater, be sure to contact us immediately.
  • Hot Water Runs Out - If you’re taking a hot shower and the water runs out quickly, your water heater is not working as it should. This can be caused by either a thermostat issue, failing to produce enough hot water, or a water leak somewhere in the system. Both should be tended to by our trained plumbers.

When you notice these water heater issues in your home, it’s important to get timely and professional services. At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer we offer expert Michigan water heater repair services, which can restore the functionality to your system in no time. Additionally, we can help you prevent these issues altogether with our professional maintenance services.

When should you consider replacing the unit?

While most homeowners would prefer avoiding the purchase of a new water heater, at some point it may be your best option. Is your water heater failing to produce enough hot water for your home? Are your energy costs rising month after month? Do you feel low water pressure when using hot water?

All of these are signs that you should get professional Michigan water heater replacement services. If you are paying for regular repair visits, consider that at some point, the cost for regular repairs may equal the cost of a complete system replacement. Our plumbers are well versed in all brands of water heaters, and can help you find the right fit for you.

Once you find a water heater that works for your budget and needs, our factory trained plumbers can perform water heater installations at the highest level. We also stand behind our work, which means that if you find an issue in the future, we will come back to your home and remedy it in no time!

What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

If you’re looking to keep your water heater working efficiently, regular Michigan water heater maintenance solutions are your best choice. Some of the major benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Elimination of risk for emergencies
  • Extended system life
  • Better water pressure
  • Efficient water heating

You can schedule regular visits with our staff ahead of time to ensure that you never miss an appointment again. With our expert maintenance solutions you will enjoy hot water whenever you need it most.

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