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Your home is a place to relax and be comfortable. One of the places in the home where people are more prone to relax in is a shower or tub. But what happens when the shower is old and cracked? What if the shower has poor water pressure? In these situations, it’s important to get our professional services. At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer, we are your trusted Michigan shower and tub specialists. From minor repairs, to complete replacements, our staff has the skills needed to solve your issues in a timely and professional manner.

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How can you tell if you need to replace your shower or tub?

When your shower or tub is damaged, it will often give you warning signs. By paying attention to these signs, you will be able to get professional repairs before it’s too late. Some of the more common signs of damage include:

  • Rust - When rust begins to form in your bathtub or shower, it can be a very unsightly issue. Not only is it ugly, but also it can stain tiles and damage other plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.
  • Leaks - A water leak is one of the more damaging forces that you can suffer from in your home. Whether it is your shower head, or the bathtub itself, a water leak needs to be addressed quickly.
  • Age - While most homeowners will leave a shower or tub in their homes forever, old showers can create issues. For one, they don't match modern design. Also, they’re prone to suffer from clogs and leaks depending on the age.
  • Cracks - A crack in your porcelain is a clear sign that the shower or bathtub needs to be replaced. Cracks can leak water and cause significant damage in your home.

At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer we can help. Our plumbers can efficiently remove and install a shower or tub in your bathroom. We work efficiently and professionally to get the job done without downtime for you and your family. Our staff can also help you find the right shower or tub for your bathroom that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

What are the benefits of new fixtures?

If you’re still resistant to replacing your shower or tub, there are various benefits that will make it a great choice for any homeowner. These include:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Added value
  • Increased comfort
  • Elimination of plumbing issues
  • Custom design

You can schedule a free estimate for the replacement of your Michigan shower or tub, and get quality plumbing solution for your home by giving us a call today! We can help you find the right shower or tub that will accommodate your needs and budget. Once you approve our quote, we will get to work making your dream bathroom a reality.

What can we install?

Replacing your shower or tub can provide you with the option to install a modern shower or tub. There are various styles we can install including:

  • Shower bath combos
  • Standalone Bathtubs
  • Frameless Showers
  • Spa Showers
  • Luxury Baths

We can also quire any shower or tub you may want, and have it installed in no time. At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer, we consider ourselves to be the very best in the business. When it comes to Michigan showers and tubs, we know that we will be able to help you find the right one for your home, and have it installed in no time. Additionally, should you have any issue in the future, we’re just a call away.

When you need high quality Michigan shower and bathtub solutions, look to our professionals for help. Call our plumbers at 888-767-9890 and get the high quality Michigan shower and tub services we’re known for!