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Water can be one of the most damaging elements to your home. Without proper measures, you can find yourself with thousands of dollars worth of damage including mold issues, in the event of a water related emergency. From natural disasters to broken pipes, a Michigan sump pump can protect your home from this damaging force. At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer we have the skills and expertise needed to install a sump pump in your home quickly and professionally. With our expert plumbers at your side, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home will be ready to face any water related emergencies. Also, save money using our $35 discount off sump pump installation services today!

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a device that is installed in your home that works to mechanically remove excess water from around your home. This water is generally trapped in your drainage system, and must be removed quickly to avoid serious damage in your home.

Sump pumps are especially beneficial for homes that do not have a natural gravity flow for the drainage in their homes. Additionally, these pumps should always be equipped in homes located in areas that receive larger amounts of rain. With professional Michigan sump pump installations, you can keep your home dry all year round.

What types of pumps are there?

Sump pumps come in three common forms. The pedestal pump, submersible pump, and backup pump are the sump pumps that can be installed in your home:

  • Submersible Pump - These pumps are installed directly in your sump pit, allowing for more accurate readings of water levels. They work quickly to remove water as soon as there is an indication that the water has risen above desired levels.
  • Pedestal Pump - This type of pump sits on a pedestal outside of the sump pit. A float is dropped into the sump pit that reads water levels throughout the day. Should water levels reach a certain point, the pump is turned on, keeping your home safe.
  • Backup Sump Pump - A backup sump pump, is a sump pump that is battery operated, and used in the event of a power outage. When the main pump fails to turn on, the backup pump functions to keep the home safe.

At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer, we can help you find the best sump pump for your Michigan needs. Once found, we will provide you with expert installation solutions that will guarantee optimal functionality from your sump pump. Once we finish the installation process, you will have the peace of mind that stems from a fully protected home.

How can these systems benefit your home?

Sump pumps have various benefits, which make them a great choice for homeowners in the Michigan area. For one, they protect the home from the risk of water damage. As soon as the pump detects heightened water levels, it works to mechanically remove this water, preventing water damage, and keeping your home safe.

Another major benefit of installing a sump pump in your home is the financial repercussions. For one, it can help you lower your home insurance costs. Similarly, the initial investment may be written off during the tax season. This can help homeowners recover the initial cost of investment.

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Every home in Michigan, and the surrounding areas, should be equipped with a sump pump. These pumps can help keep the home dry and protected in the event of plumbing emergencies and natural disasters. At Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer, we are your expert Michigan sump pump specialists.

For one, we can help you find the best sump pump for your needs. Once found, we can perform the installation flawlessly, giving you the peace of mind that comes with quality services. We also offer sump pump repair services, which can be used to keep your sump pump working at the highest levels all year round.

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