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Photo of cracks in a slab foundation

As the name suggests, a slab leak is a water leak that occurs beneath the slab foundations of your home. Because these leaks happen beneath your home, they often times go undetected, resulting in serious damage to the very foundations of your home. Luckily, we at Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer have the skills needed to detect and repair these troublesome leaks. With our Michigan slab leak detection and repair services, you will have a solution to even your most hard to reach slab leak in no time. We also offer same day services, which allow us to address issues in your home quickly.

What are signs that there’s a slab leak in your home

Even though slab leaks often occur in hard to see places, there are still signs that you can look for that will help you determine whether or not you have one in your home. These signs include:

  • Warm Spots - If a hot water line is damaged beneath your home this will be classified as a slab leak. As the pipe leaks hot water, you will find that there are warm spots on your floor. This will require repairs to prevent further damage to your home.
  • High Water Costs - Because a slab leak consistently leaks water throughout the day, high water costs are a common symptom of the issue. If you notice large spikes in your water consumption, be sure to contact us immediately, and prevent high water costs.
  • Mold - When an area is consistently damp, it is prone to grow mold. Mold can be very damaging not only to your home, but also your health. If you notice mold on your baseboards, walls, or even flooring, be sure to give us a call immediately.
  • Cracks - As the very foundations of your home weaken, you may notice cracks running along walls and flooring. This can be a sign that the foundations of your home are shifting. This needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, because it can cause significant damage to your home.
  • Low Water Pressure - Because a slab leak consistently leaks water, the amount of water that actually reaches your fixtures will be minimal. This can cause low water pressure, which can be an annoyance when trying to wash dishes or use appliances.

At the first indication of any of these issues, be sure to give our expert plumbers a call. With our industry leading Michigan slab leak detection services, you will enjoy fast response times and efficient repair services. We are also available for emergencies, and can arrive at your home whenever you need us most.

Why does this happen?

A slab leak can happen for various reasons, some preventable, and others not. Common causes for troublesome slab leaks include:

  • Old pipes
  • Excess pressure
  • Frozen pipes
  • Invasive roots
  • Shifting soil
  • Severe clogs

While clogs can be prevented, other issues such as the age of the pipe cannot. That is why it’s important to get regular visits from our expert plumbers to ensure that your plumbing is in the best shape possible. We will inspect the pipes, locate leaks, and make plumbing repairs as needed, guaranteeing the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system.

The Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer Difference

Unlike other plumbing companies that only care about the sale, we at Neighborhood Plumbing & Sewer truly care about our customers. When a slab leak occurs, the last thing you want is poor customer service. When you call our plumbers, we will arrive at your home in a timely fashion. In some instances, you can even schedule emergency same day services, to prevent any further damage to your home.

Once we arrive, we will get to work. Using the latest slab leak detection techniques, we will locate the source of the leak in no time. After finding the location of the leak, we will get to work repairing it. Whether we need to patch the pipe, or replace it completely, our plumbers will get the job done to the highest level.

After performing our repair services, you will enjoy free-flowing plumbing with no issues. Should an issue arise however, we stand behind our work, and will return to your home and repair it to your satisfaction. By putting you and your home first, you will always get the very best plumbing solutions in Michigan, guaranteed!

Need fast and reliable Michigan slab leak solutions? Call (586) 336-5297 and let our plumbers get to work finding and repairing your slab leak. We will have a timely and affordable solution for all your Michigan leak issues in no time!